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BAGGAGE - Personal items permitted in the cabin

The following considerations have been updated regarding personal items permitted in the cabin regardless of the carry-on baggage allowance by Brand.


Applicable to:

All sales channels


Passengers may bring onboard the following items, regardless of the carry-on baggage allowance established in the brand purchased:

-       One personal item: The maximum size allowed for the personal item is 45 x 35 x 20 cm (height, length, width); the personal item may be a purse, laptop bag, diaper bag or any other item that meets the size requirements.

The following items may be brought on board (at no cost) in addition to the personal item.

-       One (1) jacket or coat.

-       One (1) umbrella that must meet airport security regulations.

-       One (1) duty free bag (equal or smaller than the personal item).

-       Any item intended for comfort or entertainment on board (e.g.: travel pillow, headset, reading material or similar).

-       Passengers with special needs may carry medical or mobility devices like walkers, orthopedic or orthotic devices, canes, crutches, collapsible wheelchair. Valid only if the passenger is physically dependent on them.

Check considerations for adults traveling with infants.


All LATAM domestic and international flights and interline itineraries where LATAM is the most significant carrier (MSC).

Implementation date:

08 August 2019


Passengers traveling with an infant (between 0 and 23 months) may bring the following items:


-       One extra personal item not to exceed 45 x 35 x 20 (height, length, width) in size.

-       One collapsible stroller (*) or child restraint system (car seat, booster seat, etc.). If there is no more stowage space in the cabin, the item will be checked free of cost.


(*) Travel System strollers are considered one single item. The passenger may bring on board both components (base and seat) or just one of them.


Remember that personal items must be placed under the seat in front of the passenger, except bulkhead or exit row seats.



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