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ROUTES - Wamos Air operation between SCL and BOG route is extended

Please be informed that Wamos Air operation between Santiago (SCL) and Bogotá (BOG) is extended until March 31, 2019. This is already updated in all distribution systems.

All the information about this operation at the chart below:


Airbus 330-200 (A330) Material



Operation dates

15/01/2019 to 05/31/2019


LA572, LA575, LA576, LA577


BOG - SCL: J19; Y254

SCL-BOG: J19; Y258/Y268

Special Services

Suspended services are:

-Seat sales

- Cabin Baggage CBBG

- Baby bassinet BSCT

- Animal in hold (AVIH)*

*From May 23, 2019, AVIH service is suspended. All services confirmed before this date, will be delivered and boarded at the airport.


UMNR: 6 UM per flight are permitted. It should be checked that this maximum is not exceeded before requested it.

Routes between


Commercial exceptions (WITHOUT PENALTY and regardless of the item penalties) according to the following:

a) CHANGE IN FLIGHT/DATE/REROUTING subject to cabin within a range of -7/+15 days from the original travel date.

b) CHANGE OF DESTINATION (without penalty but airfare cost differences will be charged according to availability when performing the transaction)

c) REFUNDS (without penalty, applies for all unused ticket coupons and unused ancillaries)


For changes to the date and/or route, enter an SSR CKIN in the reservation and in the Endorsements/Restrictions box enter the text: INVOL DUE TO CHG EQP. When processing the refund, enter the same message.


(*) Change subject to cabin availability on LATAM flights implies that the travel agent must make the reservation in the original booking class. If the class is not available, the agent must reserve in the lowest booking class available in the same cabin of the LATAM flight and complete the involuntary ticket reissue. In other words, it is no longer necessary to contact the LATAM Sales Support Agent to request the original booking class.

Routes between


Airport and check in

Flights will continue to operate at the departure and arrival terminals currently utilized by LATAM.  Web check-in for these flights will also be available through


On flights departing or arriving from Chile, there is no LATAM crew flying the crew of Wamos Air.