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Baggage - New baggage franchise for routes between South America and the United Kingdom

We inform that the tickets with commercial rates issued as of January 8, 2019, on the routes between South America and the United Kingdom, the Brand PROMO and LIGHT will not have baggage allowance by definition.

Please remember that for those Brands that do not include checked baggage as an attribute, indirect sales tickets will have the baggage box unmarked (no information).

These Brands will not include the “baggage” attribute, although checked bags may be purchased from the moment of ticketing until the day of travel. 

At this moment, checked bags are not available for an advanced purchased when the ticket is issued by another carrier and/or when the itinerary contains segments on other carriers. In these cases, the customer must be informed that the bag must be purchased on the same day of travel directly at LATAM Airport Ticket Office. These passengers will pay the lowest price for the checked bag if purchased within 6 hours from flight departure.

Therefore, the baggage allowance for this route in tickets with commercial rates is as follows:

 Routes between:


Premium Economy/Business






( RA/RL- EV)


(RY - EJ)

South America and United Kingdom


No checked baggage

(Allows purchase)

No checked baggage

(Allows purchase)

1 piece up to 23 kg

2 pieces up to 23 kg each

3 pieces up to 23 kg each

3 pieces up to 23 kg each


1 piece up to 23 kg

1 piece up to 23 kg

2 pieces up to 23 kg

3 pieces up to 23 kg each

4 pieces up to 23 kg each

4 pieces up to 23 kg each


The current excess baggage prices are available at here

The franchise for premium tickets remains unchanged. 

Remission of ticket issued before the change 

Passengers with ticket issued before baggage allowance change who have not commenced their trip and request a change after the baggage change: Depending on the type of reissue of the new ticket, the system may show NIL (no baggage allowance) in the baggage box.

In these cases, after verifying that the original ticket actually includes a baggage allowance, the Travel Agent must contact their Support in order to request the waiver of 1PC or 2 PC allowing the baggage in the reservation.