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CODESHARE - New bilateral codeshare agreement between LATAM Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui(TN)

Please be informed that since August 30, 2018, a new codeshare operation between LATAM and Air Tahiti Nui  on the routes between Auckland (AKL) and Papeete (PPT)..
This agreement is bilateral, which implies that Air Tahiti Nui will also sell flights with our operation on the Papeete (PPT) and Santiago (SCL) routes. The sale is available for LATAM on plates 045, 544, 462, 469 that have IET agreement with TN.

Available routes:







LA5731 Auckland (AKL) - Papeete (PPT)

LA5732 Papeete (PPT) - Auckland (AKL)







TN2202 - Papeete (PPT) - Santiago (SCL)

TN2201 - Santiago (SCL) - Papeete (PPT)


Air Tahiti Nui General Information

Air Tahiti Nui (TN) is a French company based in Papeete and its hub is at Papeete International Airport (PPT). Air Tahiti Nui operates to 5 destinations such as, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Booking Considerations

  • Group reservations are not available for this agreement.

Considerations for accepting passengers and special services with this operator

Air Tahiti Nui will accept the following services:

  • The special food services listed are available in this codeshare operation:
    • CHML
    • DBML
    • GFML
    • KSML 
    • LFML 
    • LSML 
    • VGML 
  • The conditions necessary for Air Tahiti Nui to accept a pregnant passenger are as follows:
    • From the 30th week of pregnancy to the 35th week of pregnancy, pregnant women must present a certificate issued by their physician, who believes that the pregnancy is progressing normally and indicating the number of weeks of pregnancy they will have on the planned travel day. This certificate must be presented at the time of issuing the ticket and check-in and must be carried by the passenger while traveling on the plane.
    • The date of return will not exceed the eighth month of gestation.
    • In addition to 35 weeks of pregnancy (eight months), a pregnant woman is no longer accepted on board.
    • At any time, pregnant women must provide proof of the estimated date of delivery or the number of months of the pregnancy. 
  • INFT: 
    • The infant must be accompanied by a passenger over 18 years of age, unless this passenger is the parent or legal guardian of the child.
    • An adult accompanying an infant CAN NOT accompany a passenger with special needs on the same flight
    • For safety reasons, an adult (parent or legal guardian) can travel with 2 infants at most. In this case, at least one of the infants MUST occupy a seat.
    • The accompanying passenger may be responsible for more than one child (maximum 12 years when there is only one infant
    • The number of infants carried on any aircraft is subject to a maximum quantity per flight. 

The following services will NOT be available in this agreement codesharee:

  • Service animals (SVAN): direct booking with operator
  • Animals of assistance (ESAN): operator does not accept this service
  • Animals in baggage (AVIH): not applicable
  • Animals in the cabin (PETC): not applicable
  • Baby Bassinet (BSCT): not applicable
  • Cabin Baggage (CBBG): does not apply to sales of codeshare flights
  • PPOC: Not applicable for sales on codeshare flights
  • Stretchers  (STRC): not available
  • Medical Cases (MEDA): direct booking with the operator
  • Incubators / Oxygen: not available
  • Unaccompanied minors (UMNR): operator does not accept this service
  • Wheelchairs: direct with the operator
  • Carriage of prisoners and deportees (WEAP/DEPA/DEPU/INAD): does not apply to sales of codeshare flights

Baggage Considerations

  • Carry On Baggage: will apply according to the policy of the operator. The current baggage policy is found in your web site.
  • Checked baggage: it will apply according to the interline baggage allowance policy, ie it applies the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) franchise and if the MSC is a codeshare flight, it applies the marketing baggage policy carrier.

Considerations for passenger Elite LATAM Pass or LATAM Fidelidade

  • Air Tahiti Nui is not part of the oneworld alliance
  • .Not being part of oneworld, Air Tahiti Nui will not recognize the Elite category of passengers.
  • Flights will not accrue points/miles with this carrier.No redemption of prize tickets applies.

Considerations in case of contingencies

Planned itinerary changes more than 36 hours after the departure will be worked by the carrier carrier and outside this period, directly by the flight operator.

Check in online  

Passengers can check in on LATAM marketing flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui through the Air Tahiti Nui web site  using the operating reserve code.