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COMMERCIAL EXCEPTIONS - Changes in the flow of attention for the refund of tickets for Medical Reasons and Death

We inform our travel agents in Brazil that from June 25, 2018, will apply a new process for refund requests due to Exceptions for Medical Reasons and Death.

Action Travel Agent:

1) Request supporting documentation:

  • Death: Proof of the death of the passenger, direct family member or companion through a death certificate and a document proving kinship, depending on the case. Tickets must be issued with a date prior to the death
    Medical reasons: Certificate of hospitalization that must be issued by the treating hospital or clinic, medical certificate and documentation proving kinship, depending on the case. Any exception of this type must be requested BEFORE the departure of the original flight.

In all cases, LATAM will evaluate the documentation according to the established internal policy.

2) The Travel Agent will send an e-mail requesting the refund waiver for Agencies Support BR with the documentation / certificate attached in the e-mail, according to the model below:


Subject: Solicitação de reembolso com atestado médico/óbito;

** E-mail model in the body **

Ticket number:


Name of the passenger:


Amount of the penalty:

Non-refundable ticket: (if the ticket is not refundable - Ex. Light Rate / Promo Rate)

Applicant agent's mail:

Attach the medical certificate with CID:

3) Support Agencies BR will receive the documentation and check if it is correct:

INCORRECT: Answer the e-mail with the detail of the mandatory documentation to access the exception.

CORRECT: Support Agencies will respond to the email within 24 hours, informing in the email that the ticket has already been forwarded to the reimbursement team and will be calculated within 7 days in addition to the number of the WIS Folio generated.

The Travel Agent must not take any action other than those reported above, since with the receipt of the Waiver ticket, the refund will be processed from LATAM.

This information will be updated in the Refund Chapter of LATAM TRADE.