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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Cancelation by error of flight LA8180 GRU-JFK



Due to a modification made to the systems that support the publication process, flight LA8180 GRU-JFK with flight date from February 1 to March 06, 2020 was canceled by error, however, this flight is still operating and it is being centrally reinstated by LATAM for all reservations (it will operate with the same flight number and itinerary)


Tickets issued until January 18, 2020

Implementation date:



In the event of passengers contacting us; if the reservation has not yet been protected, action may be taken by reinstating the original flight, subject to cabin availability. The tickets must be reissued as involuntary, entering the following standard message in the Endorsements field: LA8180 NO UC.


Please keep in mind that ancillaries and associated special services must be reinstated and re-associated to the active flight, through the support areas, according to the standard process.