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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Considerations about the passenger protection policy for passengers holding LATAM Airlines tickets


Passengers holding a LATAM Airlines  ticket can benefit from the protection policy when one of their flights is affected by cancellation or involuntary changes resulting from a contingency, in accordance with the provisions of the Passenger Protection chapter of LATAM Trade.

LATAM provides the passenger with an alternative travel option. If the passenger does not wish to use the offered alternative they can opt for a ONE-TIME offer of one of the following mutually exclusive options:


  • For LATAM Airlines Tickets issued in Brazil with flights in/from/to Brazil: Changes are allowed without penalty or fare differences (subject to cabin availability*) honoring the validity of the original ticket.
  • For the rest of LATAM tickets: the change can be made without penalty or fare differences (subject to cabin availability *) for flights in a range of -7 / + 15 days from the original flight. Outside of those ranges, fare differences might apply.
    • For passengers affected by a definitive Route Closure (does not apply for temporary airport shutdowns) can, free of charge (subject to cabin class), take an earlier flight outside of the 7-day window. In other words they can depart on any date between the day they are informed of the route closure up to the day the route closes.

(*) Subject to cabin availability:

Protection for LATAM flights: The travel agent must book the original booking class, if the class is not available, the agent must book the lowest class available of the same cabin of the LATAM flight and complete the involuntary ticket reissue, keeping the original fare basis and fare construction. In other words, it must not contact the Sales Support Executive to request the original ticket class.

CHANGE OF DESTINATION: no penalty, and subject to the applicable fare differences and ticket validity

REFUND: no penalty and proportional to unused coupons and subject to the validity of the ticket.

Passengers holding ancillaries: Passengers travelling on affected flights have the right to changes and involuntary refunds for as long as the EMD remains valid (12 months from the date of its issuance).

What to consider for LATAM tickets on oneworld or interline flights:

Protection on a flight with another company must comply with the following conditions:

  • The other company has not provided another protection alternative for their booking or the offered alternative in the PNR is of no use to the passenger.
  • The applicable protection is subject to class availability. If the original class is not available the Travel Agents must contact their respective Agency Service Executive.
  • Protection must apply to the same class as the original ticket. If the class is closed and there are other open classes in the SAME cabin on the flight of the other airline, the Travel Agent must contact his/her respective Sales Support Executive.
  • Protection subject to cabin availability must be made within the same time frame set for LATAM flights indicated earlier.
  • The route operated by LATAM on our flights must stay the same unless there is no viable protection alternative.
  • It is MANDATORY to include the code INVOL CHG in the Endorsements/Restriction field on the involuntary reissuance, followed by the details of the affected flight. Backup messages via SSR CKIN are also mandatory.
  • For LATAM bookings on affected codeshare flights (LA marketing but operated by another airline), protection options can include a codeshare flight (LA marketing and operated by the same airline as the affected flight) provided the original class is available. If the original class is not available, the Travel Agents must contact the Sales Support Executive.

Additional Considerations:

The backup notes in Endorsements are mandatory on the new ticket, otherwise, the reissuance will be audited as voluntary which carries with it corresponding fees for unreported costs or whatever the detected irregularity may be.

Any additional cost associated with reissuance (taxes, boarding fee) will no be indicated in the new ticket. The changes are applicable to outbound and inbound flights provided they are requested at the same time.

When there is no alternative with an immediate connection, and LATAM protection requires additional nights spent at an intermediate point of the itinerary, the Sales Support Executive must be contacted to find a travel solution.

When making flight or date changes, all associated SSR requests (ancillaries or special services) must be transferred to the protecting flight. The Sales Support Agent should be contacted to regularize the ancillaries, as established for their market.

A Waiver must be requested from the corresponding Sales Support Agent in the following cases:

  • When the flights affected do not appear in the PNR
  • In case of cancellations and/or contingencies generated by other companies.

For the rest of the cases or when the contingency is supported by a publication, only the corresponding note in an OSI element and in Endorsements/Restrictions of the ticket must be entered, therefore, it will not be necessary to enter a Waiver.

This information has been updated in the Chapter: Passenger Protection.