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UMNR - Issuance of EMD-A UMNR on ticket stock 957 and 692 through Travel Agencies

We inform our Travel Agents that LATAM allows the sale of the unaccompanied minor service (UMNR) in ticket stock 957 and 692  to Travel Agencies.

This is in addition to the EMD-A already implemented for ticket stock 035, 045, 462, 469, 544 and 692

Considerations on the issuing with EMD-A:

  • The EMD-A must be issued on the same ticket stock of the original ticket, under the following concepts:

Type of Service

Type of EMD

Code: Reason for issuance code (RFIC)

Sub - code: Reason for issuance subcode (RFISC)

Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMNR)





  • These EMDs are NOT commissionable.
  • The prices for this service are available through ATPCO and are displayed when selecting the desired product (taxes are included). Manual pricing is not permitted.   
  • Issuance of these standard documents is audited by LATAM. Any irregularity will be subject to an ADM penalty for 100% of the EMD amount. See Administrative Charge associated to ADM.

For details on the issuing processes of these EMD-A, contact the Help Desk of your GDS.

The considerations for this service are detailed in the UMNR chapter.