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ANCILLARIES - Issuing EMD-A for cost-free seats

FYI – This is to inform our Travel Agents who use Amadeus and Travelport that whenever a seat is cost free as a result of the Brand selected, a zero-cost EMD-A must always be issued for that seat. Example: passenger with brand TOP (SF) that is exempt from charging for their seat, must have EMD issued zero cost in their reservation.

Failure to issue the EMD will prevent the passenger from using the seat, even if the reserved seat appears in the reservation.

This applies to LATAM+ Seats and Seat Selection.

It does not apply to GDS Sabre, therefore, in this case it is not necessary to issue the EMD-A zero cost, since Sabre automatically leaves the “AE” (Ancillary Element) in HK status.

Not applicable to cases where preferred LATAM Pass/Fidelidade members (Black Signature, Black and Platinum) can select the seat without cost due to their elite status. Systems do not recognize the member's status, so members must contact the direct channel to obtain the Seat Selection or LATAM+ Seat benefit. The Travel Agency must enter the frequent flyer number at the time of making the reservation in order to identify the passenger's Elite category.

This information will be updated in the Ancillary Products section.