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TICKET MODIFICATIONS - Changes in 045 tickets issued by travel agencies in Brazil

With the aim of ensuring a good standard of service to passengers with LATAM tickets, issued by means of Travel Agencies in Brazil on license plate 045, with immediate effect, passengers who contact their travel agencies requesting changes or services, details the conditions so that these reservations can be changed by voluntary request of the passenger, below:

For travel agencies in Brazil that receive the customer's contact, and that the ticket is in the following conditions:

  • Tickets with license plate 045
  • Tickets issued in Brazil up to C1 (until February 2);

You should contact the BR Support Agencies team to change as involuntary only when a change of FLIGHT or DATE is requested.And they must enter the endorsement of the ticket, the following note:


For requests for change of cabin (upgrade) or change of route / destination, the travel agent must process the refund of the tickets and issue a new ticket with the new conditions requested by the passenger.

We remind that the rules of the ticket should always be reviewed and respected, that is, verify the tariff regulation to check if changes or return are allowed.