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See Charlie Carrington, Australia’s youngest hatted chef, explore South America with LATAM as he gathers inspiration for his Brazilian inspired menu, available now at Altas Restaurant in Melbourne. 

During his trip, Charly was able to experience the heart and soul of South America firsthand including Peru’s world-famous Machu Picchu; Salvador, Brazil’s hidden jewel and Chile’s buzzing metropolis of Santiago.

LATAM Airlines supported Carrington’s passion, flying him and the Enamoured Iris film crew to South America, capturing a wealth of visual content that can help piece together a picture of the region for diners. 


Carrington will now bring that inspiration to the tables of his celebrated Melbourne restaurant. Through a set menu and specialised wine list, diners will be introduced to the flavours and techniques of Brazilian cuisine.  The Brazilian menu will remain in place through to December.

Chapter 5: South America is fast becoming a foodie destination for those in the know, and all the cuisines have a story to tell.  #iflyLatam #MelbournetoSantiago

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Chapter 2:  Charlie Carrington explores the markets and restaurants of Santiago. 

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