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CODESHARE - New unilateral codeshare agreement between VUELING and LATAM Airlines

We inform our travel agents that since June 26, 2018 a new codeshare operation between LATAM and Vueling (VY) is available in the distribution systems in routes within Europe that starts on July 1, 2018.

This agreement is of the "unilateral" type, which implies that Vueling will be the operator and LATAM the marketing carrier. The sale will only be available for LATAM on license plates 045, 544 and 957 and on LA* flights. This operating company will not issue or reissue LATAM tickets on these LA codeshare flights.

Available routes:



Between South America and Europe via Barcelona (BCN) you can travel to:



Venice, Naples, Rome, Ibiza, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, Bilbao, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris / Orly, Porto, Milan, Turin, Demodovo / Moscow and Geneva


General Information of Vueling

Vueling (VY) is a Spanish airline based in Barcelona and its hubs are in Barcelona and Rome. Vueling operates more than 130 destinations in the main cities of Spain, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Considerations for reservations

  • The range of marketing flight number is LA* 5741 - LA* 5780.
  • Group reservations are not available for this Codeshare agreement.
  • Seat reservation is not available on codeshare flights.

Considerations for the acceptance of passengers and special services with this operator

There are the following conditions and restrictions to accept and confirm some passengers or special services, which must be advised to the passenger:

  • Vueling will accept the following services:
    • WCHR, WCHS and WCHC: available on codeshare flight except medical cases, which must be requested directly from the operator
    • INFT: available in codeshare flight. The maximum number of babies allowed per aircraft is limited by the number of supplementary oxygen masks available on the aircraft (maximum INF accepted is 10% of the capacity of the aircraft). The recommended seat allocation per flight material is:

      Seats for infants






      Row 1,10,25


      Row 1,12,14


      Row 1,10,12,28


    • Pregnant Passengers: subject to the conditions of the operator.

The following services will NOT be available on the codeshare flight:

  • SVAN: direct booking with the operator
  • ESAN: operator does not accept this service
  • AVIH: not available
  • PETC: does not apply for sales on codeshare flights
  • BSCT: does not apply on sales of codeshare flights
  • CBBG: does not apply to sales of codeshare flights
  • PPOC: does not apply for sales on codeshare flights
  • STRC: not available
  • MEDA: direct booking with the operator
  • Special meals: not available
  • Incubators / Oxygen: not available
  • UMNR: operator does not accept this service
  • WCB /WCBW/WCMP: direct with the operator
  • WEAP/DEPA/DEPU/INAD: does not apply to sales of codeshare flights

Considerations for baggage

  • Carry-on baggage:: will apply according to the policy of the operator. Vueling's current baggage policy can be found on its website.
  • Checked baggage: will apply according to the policy of interline baggage franchise, that is, applies the franchise of the most relevant carrier of the itinerary (Most Significant Carrier, MSC) and if the MSC is a codeshare flight, applies the baggage policy of the marketing carrier For more details check the chapter Baggage > 03 Interline franchise.

Considerations for passenger Elite LATAM Pass or LATAM Fidelidade

  • Vueling is not part of the oneworld alliance.
  • Not being part of oneworld, Vueling will not recognize the Elite category of passengers.
  • Flights will not accumulate points/miles.
  • VY flights may not be redeemed with points/miles.

Check in online

Passengers can check in on LATAM marketing flights operated by Vueling through the Vueling website using the operating reservation code.