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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Protection option for the routes San Cristóbal Galápagos (SCY) and Baltra Galápagos Islands (GPS) in Ecuador


Due to the permanent or temporary suspension of certain routes, protection for change to a nearby airport now includes the airports of San Cristóbal Islas Galápagos (SCY) and Baltra Islas Galápagos (GPS) as alternatives for flights departing from GYE and UIO.


  • GYE SCY for GYE GPS (⇆)
  • UIO SCY for UIO GPS (⇆)

See considerations.


Customers with affected flights for the airports of SCY and GPS. This airport change is valid until October 31, 2021.

Date of Implementation:



The SCY and GPS routes are operated by LATAM Ecuador.


For all flights cancelled until October 31, 2021, the protection will be provided in case of temporary or permanent cancellation of flights on the routes:


  • GYE SCY for GYE GPS (⇆)
  • UIO SCY for UIO GPS (⇆)

Ticket reissues must be processed as involuntary, maintaining the original fare basis and fare construction.


The option of changing airports is a new alternative that adds to those already available in the present Covid context (see CONTINGENCY - Travel Solutions for passengers with affected flights). Customers are responsible for all costs associated to the change of airport (transportation, accommodation, etc.).




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