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BAGAGGE - Excess carry-on baggage charge at the boarding gate for domestic flights in CO and EC

FYI - Since March 06, 2019, on domestic flights within Colombia and Ecuador, all pieces not meeting LATAM’s carry-on standards (number of pieces, maximum weight and size) will be charged an excess baggage fee to be paid at the boarding gate.

If a piece is withheld at the gate, the passenger must pay a fee to send it in the cargo hold. These pieces will be tagged as “paid baggage” and sent in the cargo hold.  

Please remember the carry-on baggage rules for these domestic routes:

  • One piece up to 8 kilograms, maximum size 55 x 35 x 25 cm (height, length, width), including pockets, wheels and handles.
  • One personal item (handbag, laptop bag, diaper bag, etc.), maximum size 45 x 35 x 20 cm (height, length, width).
  • Other items like a jacket, walking cane, umbrella, small camera, binoculars, reading material, small duty free bag, etc. Check details in Carry-on Baggage. 

Important Notes:

  • This procedure is carried out only for passengers traveling on domestic routes (CO, EC, CL and PE).
  • Passengers traveling only with carry-on baggage that does not comply with the above allowance will be subject to charges at the gate. Even those passengers with a checked-baggage allowance who did not check their baggage during check-in will be subject to excess carry-on charges at the boarding gate.
  • Passengers who do not have any of the accepted means of payment with them at the gate will be allowed to return to the check-in area to pay with other means of payment and will have to wait as stand by passenger on the next flight with space available after paying for the checked bag.
  • Passengers refusing to pay will not be allowed to check their bag on the flight. LATAM does not offer baggage storage or custody services.

The excess carry-on baggage fees are:

  • Colombia $100.000 COP (VAT included).
  • Ecuador USD $35.00

The following passengers are not subject to excess carry-on charges:

  • Unaccompanied minors (UMNR)
  • Passengers with involuntary changes over 1 hour.
  • Black and Black Signature members

Travel Agencies must inform customers of excess carry-on baggage charges at the time of providing the information about baggage allowances.