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ANCILLARY: Seat Selection and Advancement Postponement in domestic flights in Brazil

As a part of LATAM New Model of Business, Brazil incorporates the following characteristics into its domestic fare model: 

1. Standard seat sale for passengers with fares PROMO and LIGHT

2. Advancement and postponement on same day flight charging an unique tax. 

These changes apply to tickets issued as of August, 6, and it’s a part of the new experience that company started to offer on 2016, making available more convenient fares to those passengers who look for services that fits their needs. 

These changes are being informed to passengers by press and is available on LATAM website (check here).

1. Standard seat sale to passengers with PROMO and LIGHT fares 

Brazil domestic market incorporate standard seats sales in Economy cabin to passengers with PROMO and LIGHT Brands, except some passenger types. Regular seats sales applies on direct and indirect channels to all LATAM tickets forms. So, passengers who purchase tickets with these fare levels will not assign seats in advance unless they buy them. 

Check the passenger type details and brands subject to the regular seat sale. (seat selection):


Passenger type / Brand





Regular Pax

Not included seat reservation (subject to purchase)

Included without cost

FFP Preferred passengers (*)

Included without cost


In the following cases the selection of seats is free:

Passengers preferring LATAM Pass/Fidelity (Black Signature, Black and Platinum) have this option always enabled at no cost for their membership category, regardless of the Brand in which they have issued their flight. This benefit applies to one (1) member of Black and Black Signature category members. However, the systems do not recognize the member category, so passengers should contact the direct channel to obtain their Seat Selection or Favorite Seat benefit. It is compulsory for the Travel Agency to enter the frequent flyer number at the time of booking to identify the Elite category of the passenger.

Considerations for Requesting Special Services in Brazil:

* Passengers with special needs such as DPNA, SVAN, UMNR, DEAF, BLND and those requiring a seat (WCHS...) will deliver the seat reservation according to the standard confirmation process. Passengers with services associated with automatic confirmation may request your reservation directly from LATAM.

* The EXST and CBBG services on Promo and Light fares, in addition to paying the full fare for the next seat, are subject to the purchase of 2 regular seats.


Issuance of Ancillaries

Modifications of Ancillaries

Refund of Ancillaries 


Values for Standard Seat Selection will be available at time of seat reservation. For details of changes see here.  

For customers who purchased their tickets before August 16, 2018:

Travel agents who have reservations issued until August 15, 2018 in the Brands PROMO and LIGHT, must make the reservation of seats in advance since from the 16th the reservation by the system will be inhibited.

In cases where the advance seat reservation has not been made, random seats will be reserved automatically within 48 hours of the flight departure.  

2. Anticipation and postponement of same day flight, subject to the collection of a single fee

Starting in August, LATAM customers with tickets on domestic flights in Brazil will be able to anticipate and postpone their same-day flight through in the My Trips section, at or in the LATAM App.

Both services will have a fixed cost of R$ 75 if the ticket has been purchased in the brand Light.

The same day's anticipation and deferment will be available for domestic flights and may be requested up to 1 hour prior to departure of your original flight in the My Trips section at or the LATAM App.

Tickets purchased at Plus or Top rates or for Black Signature, Black and Platinum loyalty customers, the service will be available for free. For Fidelidade Gold customers, the gratuity goes until December 2018.

Tickets issued up to August 15, 2018:

If the customer has tickets issued by August 15 in the Light fare, he may pre-book his flights at no cost through the My Trips section until the date quoted. For flights from August 16, the customer should directly search the LATAM branch at the airports.