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SALES - Use of protection masks on LATAM flights departing from Chilean territory


Applicable to:

All sales channels


The Chilean Government (Resolution No. 244 from the Public Health Administration) has mandated that effective immediately and until further notice all passengers traveling on private or public transportation must wear a protection mask for the duration of the journey.


Therefore, all passengers traveling on LATAM flights departing from airports in Chilean territory (domestic and international) must wear a protection mask as preventive measure during the COVID-19 emergency in the country.


Passengers traveling on LATAM flights departing from airports in Chile.

Implementation date:

April 8, 2020 starting at 05:00 LT CL


LATAM will not provide protection masks. Passengers must ensure they are carrying their own masks for traveling. This includes adults and minors (CHD and INF).


Airport personnel will check compliance with this requirement before passengers are admitted into the departure area. Also, LATAM personnel will verify passengers make use of their masks before boarding and also in flight.


All passengers originating in Chile are being notified of this sanitary measure through social media.