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ROUTE - Changes to the operation at Santos Dumont Airport (SDU), Rio de Janeiro

This is to inform that the runway repair work at Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) in Rio de Janeiro has been suspended until further notice. This supersedes the information previously published in ROUTE - Changes to the operation at Santos Dumont Airport (SDU), Rio de Janeiro.


The suspension of the work on the main runway is a decision taken by local Brazilian authorities in relation to the contractor and therefore is beyond LATAM's control.



Flights Affected:

All flights operating into SDU between 12 August and 11 September 2019.

Protection proposed:

Flights transferred to Galeao Airport (GIG) will be relocated to Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) as originally scheduled, with the same departure times and flight numbers.

SDU flights are active in the systems as from 03 July.

Reservation handling:

  1. SDU flights transferred to GIG will be republished with the original airport of departure.
  2. As a result of this new change of airport, we expect 3 scenarios:
    • Customers who were not re-accommodated and those who opted for the protection proposed into/out of GIG will be re-accommodated to their original flights into/out of SDU.
    • Customers choosing to fly to GIG on a different flight as the one proposed may change back to SDU (even though the GIG flight remains HK).
    • Customers who bought their ticket after 15 June for travel to GIG but are affected by the transfer to SDU will be eligible for the current protection policy.


Passengers with ancillaries may receive these services on the new flights, subject to availability. In case of no availability, process the EMD as involuntary refund.

When reissuing, in Ticket Endorsements box enter:


Customers with LATAM Travel land programs:

Subject to change or refund according to operator’s policy.



Important Note:

If a customer is not satisfied with the alternative itinerary proposed, s/he may request a change or refund as per the terms defined in the Passenger protection policy.