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Name Correction Request


  • It is permitted one time only.
  • In the name correction process, the original ticket stock must be maintained.
  • The reissue will be done as "historical", without penalty or fare differences (See exception for codeshare flights and other companies in point 3).
  • Supporting documentation must be submitted for legal name changes, omissions of last name or first name (passport).
  • It applies only for itineraries with long haul segments, for the 100% domestic or regional itinerary in South America the agent must follow the current procedure.
  • The correction is only allowed for reservations with tickets issued, except for processes associated with the Group's policy.
  • For change to a new ticket (different passenger), the current procedure must be applied, maintaining all the conditions and restrictions set for each market.

To proceed with the Name Correction please complete the following steps: 

  1. Create a mirror booking as per the original itinerary with the correct name (If the original reservation class for the LATAM portion is closed, the Travel Agent must book the lowest class available in the same cabin of the original flight). 
  2. If there are multiple passengers, the agent must split the customer with the incorrect name from the original booking.
  3. Send the request completing the Name Correction Form (required documentation must be attached).
  4. As soon as the agent receives the confirmation via email,  must cancel the booking containing the incorrect name.
  5. The reissuance will be as "historical", without penalty or fare differences.

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