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EXCEPTIONS - Postponement of the university entrance exams (PSU) in Chile


Updated in november, 05, 2019. 


Applicable to:

All sales channels


Due to the reschedule of the university entrance exams in SCL, commercial exceptions are granted to passengers boarding any flight to or inside Chile to take the PSU exam. The exception is granted upon presentation that prove the registration (see considerations)


Applies between November 18th to December 3rd to passengers that prove the registration.

Implementation date:



Due to what occurred without prior notice, and in order to make travel options flexible for our passengers affected by this situation, the following option will be allowed:


  • Reissue without change fee and seat available (without  any charge) to reschedule your trip within 20 days of the original flight date. Upon reissue, you will enter Endorsements / Restrictions: PSUSCL


In order to apply for the exception, the customer must present proof of registration. The exception will be executed with waiver income on the occasion of “Publicación contingencia Procom”. The exception extends to passenger companions as long as they are on the same flight and date.