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Travel Voucher for tickets of travel agencies in Oceania

We would like to inform you that we have enabled a new option to provide greater flexibility for tickets issued through travel agencies in Australia and that have been affected by COVID19.

Customers traveling from/to: Cancelled/rescheduled flights or traveling to/from countries with border restrictions (international operation):  Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe, Israel, Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Paraguay, Peru South Africa, Uruguay and USA; or Mexico; or countries with state of emergency (domestic operation): Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú. With flights between March 14 and August 31, 2020.

Considerations: In the case that the passenger desists from taking the exchange options indicated in CONTINGENCY - Commercial exceptions due to the travel restrictions by Coronavirus, they may choose to leave their ticket open as credit for future use following the established flexibilities or to request a refund.

The request will be processed as Travel voucher with the following two optionsCredit to be used on, cash to be redeem on

The process requires:

STEP 1: Agency must contact our Sales Support team to add the remark COV22MAY20 on the ticket.

STEP 2: Agency must cancel booking.

STEP 3: Agency must request the client’s Travel Voucher using the link below:

STEP 4: LATAM Airlines will exchange the ticket into a Travel Voucher and email it directly to the traveler.

STEP 5: The Travel Voucher may be used to buy LATAM products such as ancillaries or new tickets on If the traveler wishes to request a refund of the Travel Voucher, they will need to submit the request using the following link:


Please note:

  • Confirmation code: COV22MAY20, must be registered in ticket remarks by our Sales Support team.
  • After your client has received the Travel Voucher, it is the client’s responsibility to finalize the refund request before the expiration date of the Travel Voucher (12 months validity). LATAM will process the refund directly.
  • Travelers requesting refunds will need to include banking information (Bank Name, Account name, Account number, BSB, Type of account and ID), as we cannot issue refunds using original forms of payments. As a company policy and for the safety of travelers’ personal data, LATAM Airlines does not store payment information. 
  • The Travel Voucher will be issued for the published amount of the ticket.
  • If your client requests a refund, the agent commission will be recalled by ADM.
  • Once your client requests a refund, LATAM will verify if a chargeback was granted, before generating the Travel Voucher.  LATAM will be unable to issue Travel Vouchers for tickets of clients that have obtained a chargeback. 
  • If your client generates a chargeback after a Travel Voucher is issued, LATAM will dispute the chargeback with the credit card company.
  • Refunds are taking longer than expected due to the high volume of requests.