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AGREEMENTS - End of the Codeshare Agreement between LATAM Airlines and Azul (AD)


As announced last week, LATAM and Azul have decided to terminate their codeshare agreement in the coming months. The following are the details of the conditions and steps to follow for informing customers and minimizing the impact of the contract termination.


Codeshare Azul (AD) flights

Implementation Date:

August 23, 2021


Until August 22, 2021:

  • Until this date, customers may continue to travel and change tickets for LA* flights operated by AD. 
  • The miles/points earned for reservations issued until August 22, 2021, included, for travel until August 22, 2022 will be honored, even in the case of customers having purchased LA* flights operated by AD and protected on AD Prime flights. 
  • Reservations issued until August 22 will not be changed and will operate as scheduled.


August 23, 2021 onwards:

  • LA* codeshare flights operated by Azul (AD) for travel on or after August 23, 2021 are no longer available for sale.

  • Indirect sale tickets will be protected in LATAM’s central systems. However, reissues will be left as pending in travel agency queues so that they regularize their tickets BEFORE August 22, 2021, the last day to protect under the agreement. After that date, agencies will only be able to protect LA Prime itineraries or offer a refund.


  • Customers contacting LATAM proactively before their reservations are protected may have their tickets reissued as involuntary under the terms of this bulletin, with the following note added to the ticket Endorsements box: "INVOL VL”.

  • Customers who have not secured mile/point accrual by entering their LATAMPass or TudoAzul frequent flyer number before August 22, 2021 may only opt for accrual through the Retros flow, as accrual will not be honored at the Airport.

  • Please remember that ticketing 100% offline revenue fares, i.e. itineraries operated entirely by another carrier, is not permitted.


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