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ADM POLICY - LATAM's Debit Memos Policy is updated

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LATAM's Debit Memos Policy is updated.


United States

Implementation date:

March 15, 2021.


  • In the United States Memo Manager is the only channel in which LATAM will accept disputes after an ADM has been uploaded.
  • In case you may need an explanation on our response to your dispute, you can reach our Sales Support team for assistance. However, if you want to respond, please do it directly through Memo Manager. 
  • LATAM account manager will no longer handle or intervene with ADM disputes.
  • The agency will have up to 2 dispute interactions in Memo Manager.
  • The agency must always include a full and clear explanation, attaching all relevant documentation. (Example: copy of waiver code, copy email with tour code, copy of commission contract, flight affected by schedule change, etc)


Timeline of this process will be:

  • Day 1: Issuance of ADM in ARC (Memo Manager)
  • Day 21: Due date for agency to dispute the ADM. If not disputed, LATAM Assumes that the agency accepts the charge and has until Day 89 to submit the payment.
  • Day 42: Due date for LATAM to respond to any disputes via Memo Manager. If no response is received, the agency’s dispute has been accepted by LATAM.
  • Day 63: In case LATAM rejected the dispute, the agency has a 2nd and last chance to dispute. If no is received, LATAM will assume that the agency accepts the charge.
  • Day 84: Deadline for LATAM to respond to the 2nd dispute. If no response is received, the agency’s dispute has been accepted by LATAM.
  • Day 90: ADM payment and removal deadline. If LATAM has not received the payment, the agency will lose the ability to issue LATAM tickets until such debt is cancelled.

On a monthly basis LATAM will send via email a communication with the outstanding balance to each agency that applies.


Agency can paid the outstanding balance via IAR (ARC) including as reference the ADM number or via wire transfer to the following LATAM’s bank accounts:



Account Number


Bank Name












Bank of America



Agency must report the payment using the following google form click here.



LATAM will confirm payment, proceed to reinstate the ability to issue LATAM tickets and will send an email confirmation after 4 business days of receiving the form completely filled.


Please remember that the processes for our booking irregularities and chargebacks policiesbefore generating an ADM will not change

  • For booking irregularities, LATAM will continue sending  a monthly email  with a plain text file, based on previous month sales; in order for you to send any additional information to avoid an ADM (e.g. passenger passport information)
  • For Chargebacks, LATAM will continue requesting all necessary information to dispute it with the passenger’s bank and we  need your response within  the timeframe given by the bank. Please keep payment records for 13 months after the sale is made. If the case is won by LATAM, there will not be an ADM issued. If the case is lost, an ADM will be issued to the Agency. This can happen within a maximum of 16 months after the sale was made.



ADM Policy