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TICKET MODIFICATIONS - Update to information on commercial exceptions


The information on LATAM Trade about flexibility for changes 24 hours after purchase, medical reasons, death and lost/stolen or expired documents, will be replaced by "Unexpected Events", which implies changes in current treatment.


Commercial exceptions in the section "Ticket Modifications"

Implementation Date:

October 4, 2021


If a passenger requests a change or refund due to unexpected events that prevent their trip, for example: medical reasons, expired travel documents, death or errors made during the purchase, Travel Agents must contact their LATAM Sales Support Agent to request an evaluation, considering that:

  • Any exception of this type must be channeled through the Sales Support Executive BEFORE the departure of the original flight, who will evaluate the situation according to the established internal policies.
  • In all cases, proving documents which support the request must be presented.
  • The exception must be supported with a Waiver.


This information will be available in the chapter Ticket Modifications  under the item Unexpected events.


Agencies that use the LATAM Trade Private Portal should consider that the approval criteria for commercial exceptions are modified, the existing waiver reasons may be used until the following change occurs in the portal:

  • "24 Hours Change" will be replaced by Purchase error 
  • "Medical reasons", will be replaced by Unexpected events, to request exceptions due to medical reasons, expired travel documentation, etc.


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