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MINORS - Acceptance of minors traveling on Delta Air Lines (DL)


Applicable to:

All sales channels


This is to inform that minors up to the age of 14 traveling unaccompanied on Delta Air Lines must use the UMNR service. Therefore, minors up to the age of 14 with a ticket for Delta will not be boarded if the unaccompanied minor service has not been confirmed. 


Given that Delta does not accept UMNR connecting with other companies, just like LATAM, always confirm the passenger's age when inserting the SR DOCS element before completing the sale (mandatory for all flights to/from/via USA). If Delta determines that the passenger qualifies as a UMNR, offer the customer to purchase a ticket 100% operated by Delta (issuing directly with them), and book the UMNR service with Delta.


Minors up to the age of 14 traveling on Delta Air Lines (DL) flights.

Implementation date:



In the reservation process, will identify children under 14 years of age who are not associated with an adult in the same reservation and will not allow the reservation to be made.

Additionally, the “Unaccompanied children” section will be updated under the “Service Conditions” tab.



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