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TICKET MODIFICATIONS - Change to a new ticket process for the USA and Canada is updated



Agencies in The United States and Canada will be allowed to run this process directly, removing the restriction to do this only through their Agency support.


Change to a new ticket voluntary and involuntary in The United States and Canada.

Implementation date:



Change to a new ticket is an option that allows a ticket holder to use the ticket to buy a trip for another passenger.


Keep in mind the following important points to a right application of this process:

  • Applies for voluntary and involuntary changes. 
  • Not applicable for LATAM Fidelidade tickets.
  • For the new ticket, a new reservation must always be generated (same as for a new sale).
  • It only applies for unused tickets as Exchange Reissue, since it implies a new business, the entire journey must be re-quoted at the applicable fare on the date of reissue.
  • The reissue must be made to the same amount or higher than the original ticket and must be done on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • All components of the original ticket must allow changes.


For voluntary changes: The penalty and fare differences will be charged if they exist, according to the current availability at the time of making the change.


For involuntary changes: The penalty for changes will not be charged. Only the fare differences will be charged.


Considerations about documentation:

The Travel Agent must obtain the relevant authorization from the owner of the ticket (in writing) and respond to any event that such change may cause. In the event that the owner designates a third party to make the change, the latter must present legal documents (example power of attorney) that prove it and are applicable in the country of issue.

The backup documentation must be kept by the Travel Agency as a backup to any LATAM requirements.


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