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CODESHARE- Website seat assignments for passengers on Delta flights


With the objective of encouraging self-management in the reservation of seats for LATAM customers traveling on flights operated by Delta Airlines, the option of selecting seats on flights from this operator directly in the order in "My trips" was added to


Purchases through the LATAM website on Codeshare Delta (DL) flights

Date of Implementation:



When customers access the LATAM website and their purchase process contains a LATAM codeshare marketing flight operated by Delta Airlines, they will find the following message at the seat selection stage:




The customer must click onContinue” and will be able to choose the seats in “My trips”, when he has purchased his tickets and will then be directed to the DL website to assign seats:




Some points to be considered:


Delta has the following seat types:

  • Preferred Seats (Economy cabin): Charges may apply (emergency exits, window seats and front row aisle)
  • Standard Seats (Economy cabin): free of charge and correspond to the other seats in the Economy cabin.
  • Seats in superior cabins: free of charge

  • Passengers of all categories (Black Signature, Black, Platinum, Gold Plus and Gold) and those traveling in classes Y, B, H on the marketing flight LA* and on pure DL flights in classes Y, B, M, will be able to seat selection free of charge.
  • Although technically a LATAM passenger (issued on the LATAM card) can make the seat selection purchase through this functionality, he will not be able to carry out any after-sales management through LATAM on an EMD-A issued on the Delta card (006) and that must be communicated to the customer. In these cases, Delta's ancillaries do not allow voluntary changes or returns, with the exception of flight disruption cases (eg, flight cancellation) where the customer must contact Delta directly.


Additionally, we inform you that Delta customers (issued on license plate 006) will also be able to purchase a seat selection from the DL website to the LATAM website (functionality reciprocally enabled for both), however, any post-sale management of EMD -A (exchange or return of the Ancillary) can only be managed through LATAM following current policies (eg return of the ancillary in case of involuntary exchange, etc.) and only for the ancillary.