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CONTINGENCY - Travel Solutions for passengers with affected flights

Update date: July 05, 2021



Due to:

Flight cancellations and rescheduling due to the COVID19 emergency.

Customers traveling

from / to

On cancelled/rescheduled flights from March 01, 2020.


For cancelled domestic Argentina flights, check exceptions here.

Ticket Validity:

Valid for fully unused tickets up to 12 months from the original trip commencement date and for partially used tickets subject to the maximum stay allowed by the fare. However, for tickets with original trip commencement date between March 01, 2020 and December 31, 2020, tickets may be changed until December 31, 2021, according to system availability. For changes between January 1st, 2022 and June 30th, 2022, the following publication applies: EXCEPTIONS - Flexibility Extension for Tickets with Unused Segments

Customers may choose ONE of the following ONE-TIME options:

Change of date/flight/route

WITHOUT PENALTY, subject to cabin availability in the same cabin (without fare differences) and ticket validity.



Change of origin/destination

Without penalty, subject to fare differences and ticket validity, except for changes to a nearby airport of flights operated by LATAM, according to the standard table of passenger protection to a nearby airport.

When reissuing consider

 (in all cases)

In the Endorsement Box, insert:


OSI in reservation:


Customers who DO NOT wish to change their tickets may request a refund according to:


WITHOUT PENALTY, subject to the processes and requirements established for every country.

Other considerations:

Other Considerations:

- Consider that all date changes that imply a change in thetype of passenger” (e.g. INF to CHD) will also imply the charging of applicable fare differences.


- Check out at to know about Government Restrictions. This information is only referential, and passengers always have to check all current restriction to embassy/consulate to the visiting country.


- Customers at destination (trip already commenced) who, due to the reduced operation, are not protected to comply with the maximum stay allowed by the fare may reschedule their flight up to 12 months from trip commencement (according to the conditions mentioned), even if the change exceeds the maximum stay allowed by the fare.


- Changes without penalty, subject to same cabin availability (without fare differences) and ticket validity, must be done as involuntary reissue.


- The extension of the validity of the ticket applies only for changes (does not apply for refunds).


- In case of involvement with flights of other companies, consider that the protection will also be made within the date ranges established in this publication, but subject to the applicable policies indicated in Passenger Protection> Commercial Exceptions.


Please keep in mind, all protection subject to same cabin in LATAM flights implies making a new reservation in the new LATAM flight at the original class of the ticket or the lowest class of service available in the same cabin (if the original class is not available) and finish the involuntary reissue process keeping fare basis and original fare construction. Hence, it is not necessary contact to the Travel Agencies support to request the original class.

- Rescheduled flights are considered those with advances from 16 minutes and flight delays from 31 minutes.

- Changes of date/flight/rerouting involves adding, changing or removing connecting points while keeping the same origin/destination

- Change of origin or destination means flying to/from a city different than the one printed on the original flight coupon- Ancillaries associated to the ticket are subject to changes and/or refund depending on the action taken with the ticket.