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SALES - Notes on the New Service to/from Tel Aviv (TLV), Israel

We would like to inform our travel agents that due to the start of the new operation to/from Tel Aviv (TLV) this December 12, some aspects to be considered regarding the sale and treatment of passengers affected by cancellations or flight reprogramming are incorporated. This is summarized in:

  1. Service fee collection for reissues made at TLV ATO
  2. Considerations about passengers affected by involuntary changes due to the Israeli Aviation Service Act (IASL)

1) Service fee at TVL ATO

From the beginning of the operation on 12 December, a service fee will be implemented for ticketing and reissues made at Tel Aviv’s Airport (TLV).




Tel Aviv (TLV)

 NIS 75 / 20 USD


2) Notes on passengers affected by involuntary changes due to the Aviation Services Law (ASL). Ley de Servicios de Aviación (ASL)

Israeli Aviation Services Law (IASL) requires companies to notify and support passenger in Israel in cases of downgrade, alteration and / or flight cancellation. With this in the home "Other countries" will be available the rights of assistance and compensation that each affected passenger is entitled to.

When an affected passenger proactively indicates that he is entitled to compensation as established by the IASL, he / she must indicate that he submits a formal complaint through our "Contact Form" at home "Other Countries" by entering the request as "Customer Service" followed of the relevant option: "cancellation," "schedule changes", "shipment denied", etc.