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MEDICAL DEVICES - Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) Acceptance


In line with the new acceptance criteria, Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) are only required to bear a manufacturer's label stating their conformity to all FAA requirements.


POC Assistive Devices

Date of Implementation:

August 10, 2023


Passengers are now allowed to use POCs not included in the list of FAA-approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators, provided the device bears a manufacturer's label stating its compliance with the acceptance criteria established for carriage and use on board the aircraft.
The label must include the following text printed in red:
“The manufacturer of this POC has determined this device conforms to all applicable FAA acceptance criteria for POC carriage and use on board aircraft."

Accordingly, the acceptance criteria for Portable Oxygen Concentrators have been modified as follows:

  • The device must be included in the current list of FAA-approved devices as shown here.
  • The device must bear a label stating its conformity to FAA requirements


All other applicable conditions remain unchanged.




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