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Refunds - Update to the refund process in Brazil



Due to the new government measures adopted in Brazil, a number of changes have been introduced to the refund of tickets issued in Brazil. See considerations.



Refunds of tickets issued in Brazil for travel between March 19, 2020 and October 31, 2020


Tickets or ancillaries refunds on other flight dates will follow the standard refund times and processes existing before the Covid contingency.


Implementation date:

September 15, 2020.



According to the law enacted on August 06, 2020, the refund of tickets issued in Brazil will be subject to the following changes:


1. All taxes from tickets will be refunded within 7 days directly to the original form of payment.

2. Refund for the fare portion and ancillaries will be returned within a period up to 12 months in the following modalities:

a) Voluntary Refund
: Up to 12 months after the refund request date.

b) Involuntary Refund: Up to 12 months after the flight date (of the first unused coupon sent for refund).


In both cases, the amount refunded will be adjusted for CPI variations until the date of payment according to existing refund flows for agencies. 



Requests for Cancellation without cost in BR (ANAC Resolution 400) remain unchanged.


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