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BAGGAGE - Information available at regarding the price of checked baggage for purchase



The policy regarding different prices for checked bags according to season (high/low season), early purchase, brand and/or route has been extended to all LATAM routes.


For the purpose of, prices will be announced in variable ranges so that customers know how much they may be charged during this time.


All international and domestic routes. Except DOM Brazil and DOM Colombia

Implementation date:



  • Prices are updated in the distribution systems, so the appropriate price is displayed automatically at the time of purchase.


  • For a detail of the price ranges at click here, or go to section “Flights within Argentina, Chile, Ecuador or Peru” or to section “Regional and International Flights”, as appropriate.


For domestic flights within Brazil and Colombia the fixed price policy is maintained, depending only on how early the bags are purchased (more or less than 6 hours from flight departure).

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