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IET - New Interlinear IET Agreement Between LATAM Airlines Group and Eurowings (EW)

We inform our travel agents that the new interlinear IET agreement between LATAM Airlines Group and Eurowings (EW), is already available. With this agreement can be issued on stocks 045 and 957 LATAM on Eurowings flights. You can NOT issue Eurowings flights on other LATAM license stocks.

Eurowings is a German airline, part of the Lufthansa group, based in Dusseldorf - Germany, its emission plate 104 and carries out regular national and international flights from Germany and Austria to some countries such as the United States, Spain, Cuba and Italy. Its bases of operation are at the International Airports of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Vienna.  

This IET DOES NOT have a frequent flyer agreement for accumulating or redeeming miles/ points in LATAM Fidelidade or Pass.