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ROUTES - New operation between Brasilia (BSB) and Asunción (ASU)

We are pleased to inform the new route between Brasília (BSB), Brazil and Asunción (ASU), Paraguay, which will operate in wet lease agreement with Paranair from December 15, 2019 as follows:


Type of Route:

Regional Route





These flights will operate daily. Check the departure, arrival and duration of flights directly in the distribution system.

Service to begin on:

From December 15, 2019.


The fares and flights are already available in the distribution systems.


CRJ-200 (Paranair crew and operation).


Economy only (50 seats)

Baggage allowance:

Baggage in hold: according to the type of brand, route and season. Inform the passenger according to the price of the PQ in Sabre.


Carry-on Baggage: Standard policy defined for this route applies, however, the piece of hand luggage will be transported in the hold due to the limited space of the cabin compartments (bin). Passengers may board with their personal items (see details about personal items here).


Other baggage charges: Standard defined policy defined for this route applies (see here)

Other considerations:

  • The sale of LATAM + seats will not be available in this flight material. The sale of regular seats and baggage apply according to current procedures.
  • The boarding of unaccompanied minors (UMNR) is allowed according to current standards, however, max. allowed in this material will be 2 UM per flight.
  • Baby bassinet (BSCT) service is NOT available
  • Pets in cabin (PETC) service is NOT available (PETC)
  • Animals in hold service is NOT available (AVIH)


The flights of this new route were originally in A320 flight material. Due to change of material, passengers who purchased until September 2, 2019 will be allowed to:


  • Involuntary routing via São Paulo (GRU) within the same cabin, without penalty and/or fare difference subject to the validity of tkt.
  • Change to a new origin/destination without penalty and subject to applicable fare differences and existing availability.
  • Involuntary refund of coupons without using the ticket and associated ancillaries.
  • When making the change, enter the following message in the ENDOSO field of the ticket: INVOL ZP FLT. In case of refund, enter the message.


Ancillaries associated with the ticket are subject to change and/or refund following the action taken with the ticket.