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SPECIAL PASSENGERS - Emotional Support Animals (ESAN) - Cats now accepted on Colombia routes


In line with the current legislation in Colombia, cats are now permitted as Emotional Support Animals (ESAN) on board flights to/from and within CO.


Emotional Support Animals (ESAN) to/from and within CO.

Implementation date:



Cats will be accepted as Emotional Support Animals in CO under the following conditions

  • Only and exclusively on routes TO/FROM and WITHIN CO. The service is extended to all segments associated to the reservation, even if the segments do not adjust to the routes mentioned above.
  • The cat must comply with the same criteria currently required for ESAN, except the following aspects that must comply with the requirements established for the PETC service:
    • Cats must travel in a kennel and remain inside it during the entire journey; therefore, they must comply with all weight and size requirements defined for PETC animals.
    • For safety reasons, the number of cats traveling as ESAN must not exceed the maximum established for the PETC service, i.e. 6 as a maximum.
    • Applications for carrying cats as emotional support animals must be made at least 48 hours before the flight.
  • Only available in the Economy cabin 



  • Before processing applications, please ensure they comply with all ESAN and PETC requirements mentioned above.
  • Process applications as PETC requests.
  • Once the PETC request has been approved, instruct the customer to download the ESAN form at in order to confirm the service as emotional support animal. 

It is crucial to ensure the customer understands that non-compliance with the ESAN documentation validation process will result in the service being considered only PETC, with all additional charges associated to it. In other words, checking in at the airport only with the PETC service confirmed but not the ESAN service will result in the assessment of all applicable PETC charges.


Passengers with Emotional Support Needs