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03/08/21 PASSENGER PROTECTION - Cancellation of the routes: GRU ⇄ BOS and GRU ⇆ CDG.


Due to commercial requirements, the following routes will have their flights cancelled, so protection agreements have been established with other airlines:


  • GRU ⇄ BOS (flights cancelled from February 01 until June 30 2021).
  • GRU ⇄ CDG (flights cancelled from April 01 until June 04, 2021).



Customers with flights affected to/from GRU ⇄ BOS and GRU ⇄ CDG.

Implementation date:

March through June 2021 depending on the route


For customers contacting us proactively, protection must be applied as follows.


-       GRU ⇄ BOS - Protection: Long Haul segment GRU-JFK (on LATAM) and connection within the USA for the JFK–BOS segment (on DL);


-       GRU ⇄ CDG - Protection: Long Haul segment GRU-FRA (on LATAM) and connection within Europe for the FRA-CDG segment (on LH);


Revenue tickets must be reissued as involuntary, retaining the original fare basis and fare construction, and adding the following remark in the Ticket Endorsement box: INVOL LA CNL XXX (XXX: insert the airport code of the cancelled flight. E.g.: GRU).


If customers are not satisfied with the alternatives proposed, they can apply for the current protection options as indicated in travel solutions for passengers with affected flights.




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