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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Involuntary Changes to Revenue Tickets with OAL Itineraries


New definitions for managing Involuntary Changes to revenue tickets


LATAM revenue tickets containing itineraries with flights operated by other airlines.

Implementation date:



Tickets containing OAL itineraries will be subject to the same protection criteria, regardless of whether in the operational or commercial window, according to the following:


If the other airline has not provided a protection alternative in the reservation or the alternative provided in the PNR does not suit the passenger’s needs, the protection may be provided as follows:

  • Protection subject to cabin availability must be provided within the same time frame as for LATAM flights
  • Prefer routings operated by LATAM. If no LATAM flights are available, protect on any airline with which an agreement exists, in the lowest available class and with the least possible delay for the customer.
  • Commercial Window (48 hours or more before departure): If the carrier is not eligible for the fare purchased, choose another applicable carrier under the same conditions described above.

●          These changes do not require a waiver



Remember that involuntary reissues:

  • DO NOT charge any penalties
  • Retain the original FARE BASIS and FARE CONSTRUCTION
  • upporting messages via OSI and in the Endorsements/Restrictions box are mandatory.