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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Update to the protection process for Groups and Series (Schedule Change (WK/SC))


We indicate the process to request Protection of Groups/Series:

  • If the reservation does not contain CLAIM: (groups in GN status, direct groups or NO BSP agency groups), the schedule will show WL status in the reservation and the Global Sales Support team will request the change internally after informing the customer of the situation. If the customer declines the protection offered, they will be entitled to re-accommodation according to the time limits established in this document.
  • In the case of reservations containing CLAIM, LATAM will offer a protection alternative that agencies can see in their distribution systems. If agencies are not satisfied with the protection offered, they can file a new request in their system. This request is submitted to LATAM for consideration and, if applicable, the new protection is entered. If tickets have already been issued, the agency will reissue them as involuntary.

If the agency is not satisfied with the options offered, it may cancel the entire group. If tickets have already been issued, they will be fully refunded.

Groups and Series with Offline segments (Feeders): The rule also applies to negotiations of Groups with Offline segments (Feeders).


Groups and Series issued and not issued

Implementation date:



We remind you that the passenger protection policy applies on situations such as:


  • Flight cancellations
  • Non-compliance with itinerary according to  departure of flight operations. Only applicable for:
    • Flights departing 16 minutes earlier or more
    • Flights delayed by 31 minutes or more
  • Non-compliance with final destination or stopovers
  • Involuntarily missed connections
  • Involuntary changes caused by other airlines
  • Cabin downgrades due to equipment change

Options allowed: 

  • Change subject to cabin availability, maintaining the original origin and destination, without penalty or fare difference.

If rescheduling less than 90 days for LH groups and 60 days for DOM/REG groups, agencies must request changing the flights affected by Schedule Change according to the following:

Bringing flight date forward

Deadline to request the change

>31 days 

15 days after the Schedule

30 to 7 days

7 days after the Schedule

7 to 2

1 days after the Schedule

If the reservation suffers a new schedule change, these deadlines will start over. Cancellations outside the time limit will retain the penalty charge (ADM penalty/prepayment charge)

LATAM's protection criteria seek to offer those flight alternatives that are closest to the original departure schedule, although this may depend on availability (+/- one or two days) and routing (if a direct flight has been canceled, a flight with stopover will be offered).


Passenger Protection