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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Fee waiver for involuntary passenger type changes


In an effort to improve the travel experience for those customers affected by involuntary changes, all changes in passenger type (INF to CHD or CHD to ADT) resulting from changes in the customer's age range between the original date of travel and the new one will be free of charge


This eliminates any fare difference charges resulting from changes in passenger type after an involuntary change


For details of the process, check below.


Flight rescheduling that results in passenger type changes.

Implementation date:

August 25, 2022


Points to consider:

  • Penalties, fare differences or taxes will not be charged.
  • Applies to valid LATAM tickets with 100% LATAM itineraries, fully unused or partially used (if the involuntary change considers flights on other airlines, all relevant charges will be applied). Expired tickets with unused Segments (no trip started) may benefit from this exemption of charge for passenger type change until December 31, 2022, only for affected flights.
  • Confirm that the reservation contains an involuntary change.
  • Reissue as involuntary.
  • The new ticket must maintain the original fare construction
  • One-time change only.
  • Use the date of birth to confirm that the passenger has changed from INF to CHD or from CHD to ADT. 
  • In the endorsement box, insert CHG INVOL PSGR TYPE.
  • In case of subsequent voluntary changes, the customer will be charged all relevant fare differences.

Agencies may reissue the ticket as involuntary at no cost via their GDS (for support during the process contact your distribution system).


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