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PASSENGER PROTECTION - Alternative protection for passengers flying with Interjet (4O)



Due to the recurring cancellations of Interjet (4O) flights, LATAM decides to offer alternatives to passengers who had tickets issued to fly with this airline.


All passengers on commercial flights operated by Interjet (4O): codeshare LA * or pure flights with code 4O.

Implementation date:

December 14, 2020 onwards.


  • Starting January 9, LATAM will proactively adjust all LA * or 4O flights operated by 4O to be displayed with the UN code in the reservation.

  • Customers on these codeshare flights will be centrally protected by LATAM on LA flights, so long as LATAM operates at the intended destination: Cancun, Miami, Los Angeles. For destinations in Mexico other than CUN where LATAM does not operate, customers will be protected as involuntary reissue on AM flights in the lowest class of the original cabin.

  • Customers MUST NOT be protected on Interjet flights (e.g. 4O526 MEX CUN), as this operator is likely to cancel flights on these routes in the future.

  • Indirect sale tickets will have the flight status modified by LATAM so that Travel Agents can regularize their tickets, without losing control of the reservation. The reissue will be made as involuntary by entering the COVID19 mark in the Endorsement field of the ticket

  • For all voluntary changes after that, customers must use LATAM’s regular channels to check alternatives on flights operated by LATAM or other carriers, according to the conditions of the fare paid. This may imply fare changes for the new flights or dates requested..




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