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SERVICES - Protocols for resuming operation in Colombia

Due to a new sanitary resolution in Colombia, health and safety measures are updated. The changes are detailed in red.


We inform you that the health measures indicated in Resolution 1054 of the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection are available on the website in the Government Restrictions section for Colombia, which seek to protect the health and safety of passengers when reactivating the operation in Colombia.

  1. In the case of domestic flights, access to the airport terminals will only be permitted within 2 (two) hours from flight departure.
  2. Customers will only be allowed one personal item in the cabin (carry-on baggage will not be permitted). This definition becomes a recommendation, therefore, passengers are allowed to travel with LATAM standard cabin baggage allowance.
  3. Wearing a face covering is mandatory.


Passengers traveling in Colombia

Implementation Date:

September 1, 2020



1. Terminal access control: Access to airport terminals will only be allowed within 2 (two) hours from scheduled flight departure. 

2. Cabin Baggage:  Carry-on baggage and personal items can be transported as cabin baggage. See here.

However local Health and Sanitary authorities recommend traveling with less cabin baggage in order to reduce contact with surfaces inside the plane so it is recommended to carry only 1 personal item which must be located under the front seat (This corresponds to the personal item currently allowed in the baggage policy. Ex: a purse, a laptop bag, etc.) and transport the rest of the baggage as checked baggage.


Cabin baggage for passengers with special needs remains unchanged. 

3. Face covering: Wearing a face covering is mandatory on ALL LATAM flights, in accordance with the company-wide procedure: Use of protection masks on LATAM flights