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ROUTES - Reorganization of domestic and regional routes



In an effort to adjust our operation to the new global scenario resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entire LATAM network, the domestic routes of Chile, Peru and Brazil have been adjusted, while some international flights within South America have been suspended in 2021.



Customers with tickets issued on flights until May 31, 2021 on domestic Chile, Peru and Brazil routes, and some regional routes (See Considerations).


Implementation date:

From June 24, 2020



  1. The following routes will be suspended:


Domestic Brazil routes between

·         Brasilia (BSB) - Foz do Iguaçu (IGU)  

·         Curitiba (CWB) - Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) 

·         Belem (BEL) - Macapa (MCP) 

·         Imperatriz (IMP) - Sao Luiz (SLZ) 

·         Goiania (GYN) - Rio de Janeiro (SDU) 

·         Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) - Rio de Janeiro (SDU) 


Domestic Chile routes between

·         Santiago (SCL) - Puerto Natales (PNT) 


Domestic Peru routes between

·         Cusco (CUZ) - Trujillo (TRU)  

·         Cusco (CUZ) - Iquitos (IQT) 

·         Cusco (CUZ) - Pisco (PIO) 


Regional Routes between

·         Asuncion (ASU) - Brasilia (BSB) 

·         Curitiba (CWB) - Santiago (SCL) 

·         Santiago (SCL) - Quito (UIO)

·         Iquique (IQQ) - Salta (SLA) 


2.            Customers with tickets for a cancelled flight will not be protected, but may apply for one of the following options that can be done through your travel agents

a.            Rerouting same origin/destination: The original flight may be protected on alternative flights, in the same original cabin and maintaining the origin/destination. E.g.: Original flight BSB-IGU rerouted to BSB x/CGH IGU, original flight ASU-BSB rerouted to ASU x/GRUB SB, etc.

Reissue as involuntary without penalty, subject to cabin availability in the same cabin (without fare differences) and ticket validity

b.            Change to a nearby airport: for flights operated by LATAM, according to the standard passenger protection table for nearby airports.

Reissue as involuntary without penalty, subject to cabin availability in the same cabin (without fare differences) and ticket validity

c.            Change to a new origin/destination: Reissue without penalty, subject to applicable fare differences and ticket validity1.

d.            Refund: without penalty, for tickets and associated ancillaries issued according to the refund processes in force in each country.

e.            Insert a backup note in the reservation and the ticket:

OSI in reservation:   INVOL CHG DUE TO COVID19

In Endorsements insert: COVID19


3.            The cancellation and notification to the passenger will be carried out from June 24, 2020


¹Ticket Validity: For fully unused tickets up to 12 months from the commencement of the trip and for partially used tickets subject to the maximum stay allowed by the fare.







  • Changes of date/flight/rerouting involves adding, changing or removing connecting points while keeping the same origin/destination
  • Change of origin/destination means flying to/from a city different than the one printed on the original flight coupon
  • Ancillaries associated to the ticket are subject to changes and/or refund depending on the action taken with the ticket.