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FARES - The sale of fares with flexible change has been extended for domestic and international routes



In an effort to offer more convenience to our customers who still have not purchased their domestic or international tickets, we have increased the flexibility of our fares to accommodate any changes to their travel plans.

This flexibility allows changes without penalty according to the conditions below:


Domestic or International tickets issued between  May 01 and May 31, 2020 

Implementation date:



  • Changes without penalty apply to passengers before initiating the trip or once at destination, provided that:

a.            The ticket is reissued before each flight departure.

b.           The trip has already commenced or is scheduled to begin no later than December 31, 2020 (inclusive).


  • All applicable fare differences will be charged and the change is subject to the current reissue policy.


  • The adjustment may be identified in the Fare Penalties (16) category with the following standard text: 


Domestic: Fares that do not allow changes (Basic Economy, Promo, Light), which will allow changes, provided that the aforementioned conditions are met:


NOTE -                                                                

          CHANGE FEE WAIVED FOR TICKETS ISSUED BETWEEN                          

          01MAY20 AND 31MAY20 AND PROVIDED THAT                                

          - REISSUE IS COMPLETED BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME OF                      

          THE ORIGINAL OUT/ INBOUND FLIGHT -OTHERWISE IT                        

          WILL BE CONSIDERED NO-SHOW AND SUCH PE                                

          PENALTY/RESTRICTION WILL APPLY.                                      

          - THE 1ST OUTBOUND FLIGHT OF THE JOURNEY BEGINS NO                    

          LATER THAN 31DEC20 //. OTHERWISE IS SUBJECT TO THE                     

          PENALTY FEE OR RESTRICTION APPLICABLE FOR THIS                        

          FARE TYPE


  • Fares will be loaded in the system to allow automatic reissue through all sales channels.
  • Consider that the flexible fare has suffred changes, so always ensure you verify the conditions in the Penalties (16) category of the fare regulation in case of ticketing or reissue. 


They are reminded that there are commercial exceptions subject to the exemption from the collection of tariff differences. Review the alternatives available to our passengers at:

For tickets issued in Brazil.

For tickets issued in Other countries.