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RESERVATIONS & TICKETING - Procedure of the use of Travel Agencies credit cards without consent

With regard to resolution 890 of IATA regarding the customer card sales rules that travel agencies must follow regarding the use of customer credit cards as amended, LATAM Airlines Group (“LATAM”) wishes to communicate that in accordance with LATAM applicable reservation policy and Clause 3.4 * of said resolution (Customer Card Acceptance), the travel agency that wishes to use its own cards to issue tickets, using the commercial contract of the airline, prior to its use must request and obtain the express written consent of LATAM. 

It is the responsibility of the travel agency to verify the validity of client’s credit cards, as well as to review the acceptance of the form of payment by LATAM. 

Any practice that does not comply with this communication and the applicable resolutions, may result LATAM in the issuance of Agent Debit Memos (“ADMs”) or other remedy, in those cases that in the imposition of the aforementioned remedy is appropriate, in accordance with the Legislation in force and applicable to the effect.


“3.4 This Resolution gives authority to accept only a Customer Card when using the card acceptance merchant agreement of the Member/Airline to collect payment for the sale of passenger air transportation and Ancillary Services. The Agent may not accept any other card or payment method that uses the Member/Airline’ card acceptance merchant agreement, including any card issued in the name of the Agent or any Person permitted to act on behalf of the Agent, unless specifically authorized by such Member/Airline. A failure to comply with the present paragraph 3.4 will be undertaken under the sole responsibility and liability of the Agent toward the Member/Airline concerned.”

Requests must be made to the LATAM Sales Support ExecutiveFor more information see the section: Procedure of use of Travel Agencies credit cards without consent of the ADM Policy

This information will be updated in the Reservations & Ticketing Chapter.