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SALES - Considerations regarding the collection and exemption of the Distribution Cost Recovery Surcharge


In view of the implementation of the NDC Platform, starting May 01, 2023 a Distribution Cost Recovery Surcharge of USD 12.00 per segment will be applied to LATAM reservations issued via GDS (Agencies). The following are the scenarios in which the surcharge is to be applied.


Ticketing via GDS as from May 01, 2023

Date of


May 01, 2023

Process to be


All ticketing processed via GDS starting May 01, 2023 will be subject to a surcharge of USD 12.00 per segment. The form of collection will depend on the ticketing POS.

 All countries except Brazil:

  • The surcharge is applied to each segment ticketed on a LATAM-marketed flight.
  • The surcharge applies to all tickets issued on LATAM stock (or other companies) and to all fares whenever the itinerary includes a LATAM-marketed flight.
  • It is reflected as a surcharge code “YR”. E.g.: GRU - LA - MIA - DL - ATL → 1 surcharge applies (segment GRU MIA onboard a LA flight).
  • Non-transferable.
  • Non-refundable (except in cases of flight rescheduling/cancellation or in countries where a Cancellation Law applies).
  • In case of voluntary reissue, an additional surcharge will be charged if more segments are added to the itinerary. For example: SCL - MIA (1 surcharge per segment) reissued as SCL - LIM - MIA includes one additional surcharge for the second segment.

 Click here for conditions applicable in Brazil

 The surcharge will not be applied to:

  • Infants.
  • Group ticketing* (groups, series and negospace).
  • Tickets issued in the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Iran, Yemen, Sudan.

 Once the collection is reflected and the exemption applied, the travel agent must contact the Global Sales Support team dedicated to NDC Support


  • Reservations issued before May 01, 2023 are exempted of this surcharge, unless they require modifications that imply an exchange reissue (changes to the first ticket coupon).