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EXCEPTIONS - Exceptions for passengers traveling to Spain from Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia

These exceptions are no longer available since August 24, 2021 because the restriction on entry into Spain for these passengers will no longer apply.


Due to the announcement of new temporary restriction rules to travel to Spain for travelers from Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia, exceptions will be provided for changes without penalty



Passengers with flights to Spain, traveling from Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia and with tickets issued before July 27, 2021.


Implementation date:




They will be able to benefit from:

  • A change of date / flight or route without penalty, subject to fare differences and within ticket validity.
  • The reissue will be made by entering the text: COCOVID19
  • The change must be made before the departure of the original flight.


Passengers with a ticket issued in Colombia who desist from traveling may benefit from the option of involuntary refund of the ticket and associated ancillaries.


We remind you to check the purchase date of the ticket in case the passenger can benefit from the rest of the current Covid flexibilities.