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CODESHARE - New unilateral codeshare agreement between LATAM Airlines and Paranair (ZP)

This is to inform about the new unilateral codeshare operation between LATAM and Paranain (ZP) on the routes Asuncion (ASU) - Iquique (IQQ) and Asuncion (ASU) - Ciudad del Este (AGT). The operation is already available through our distribution systems according to the following:


LA* marketed flights



LA*6007 and LA*6010 ASUAGT 

LA*6008 and LA*6011 AGTASU 

Operator overview

Paranair (ZP) is a Paraguayan airline with its main hub at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asuncion, Paraguay. It operates regional and domestic flights in Paraguay.

Service to begin on

07 July 2019

Type of agreement

Unilateral, LA* on flights operated by ZP

Ticketing stock

045, 544, 462, 469, 035, 957, 962)

Services available on LA* flights

Special Passengers

Infants and Minors

  • Operator’s conditions apply
  • Including the minor’s DOB in an SSRCKIN is recommended.

Pregnant passengers

  • Pregnant passengers may travel on marketed and operated flights except in the case of MEDA. Operator’s policies apply.
  • No restrictions for pregnant passengers up to week 30, provided they are in good health.
  • Between weeks 30 and 36, pregnant passengers will need a medical certificate authorizing travel. This also applies to cases of multiple pregnancy at any point during the process.
  • A certificate will be required if it is determined that the pregnancy has a special condition compared to normal pregnancies or if the birth date remains uncertain.
  • Passengers will not be admitted for travel 10 days before or after the birth.

Special Services

Special services must be booked directly on the operating flight.

Baggage policy

Checked Baggage: The baggage policy of the Most Significant Carrier applies. If the MSC is a codeshare flight, the marketing carrier’s policy applies. 

Carry-On Baggage: The operator’s policy applies. Check Paranair website.

Other baggage fees: The policy of the Most Significant Carrier applies. .


Not valid for award redemption.

Flights on this operator do not accrue points/miles.


Ancillaries with EMD-A (not available on codeshare operation)


Please remember passengers can check in on LATAM marketed flights operated by Paranair via the website using the reservation code of the operating carrier.