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BAGGAGE - Changes to the baggage policy for infants

This is to inform our Travel Agents that the baggage allowance for tickets of infant passengers (INF) has been discontinued on domestic and international routes, according to the following:    



Discontinuation of the baggage allowance for revenue and award tickets of infant passengers (INF).

Applies to:

All LATAM domestic and international flights and interline itineraries where LATAM is the most significant carrier.


Tickets issued as from 06 May for travel on or after 01 September 2019.

Important Notes:

Customers traveling with INF must be informed of all details regarding the fare, the allowance and associated ancillaries, and reminded that buying a checked bag early is cheaper than buying it at the Airport.


The allowance for one personal item (1 stroller, 1 car seat or 1 bassinet) for adult passengers traveling with INF is maintained.


In the case of involuntary reissues, the baggage information of the original ticket will be shown in the new ticket.


The policy applies regardless of the fare of the infant ticket.


If a ticket is purchased before 06 May (and therefore includes a baggage allowance) but a voluntary change is made that causes the ticket to lose the allowance at the time of reissue, contact the support area to enter a standard message in the PNR.

Section in LATAM Trade:

Baggage Section > Checked Baggage.