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Entry requirements to Easter Island (IPC)

This is to inform that effective 02 September 2019 the police check conducted on all tourists traveling to Easter Island from Santiago will focus particularly on compliance with the following requirements: 

  • The Single Entry Form into Easter Island (FUI) must be completed online. The form is available from Help Center and also during online check-in. Customers may also complete it by accessing
  • 30 days maximum stay on the island. This is verified by checking the travel dates on the passenger’s air ticket.
  • Reservation at Sernatur-licensed accommodations or invitation letter issued by a resident of Easter Island. When completing the FUI online form, customers may only choose from the officially licensed accommodations available from the combobox offered. If the customer’s accommodation is not in the list, it means it is not in Sernatur’s official register. For official information on authorized accommodations, click the link 

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in denied boarding on the flight to Easter Island.