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Seat sales within 48 hours from flight departure

A number of issues have been identified in relation to seats sold within 48 hours from flight departure (operational sale) through the different distribution systems. Therefore, we recommend:


Not selling seats within the operational window until further notice in order to prevent a negative impact on our passenger service.


Bookings within 48 hours from departure will only be possible via


Sales seats through our indirect channel

Implementation date:



We recommend our Travel Agents to advise customers to buy seats in advance (in conjunction with the air ticket or within 48 hours from the scheduled flight) directly from the Travel Agency. The reason is that a seat purchased within 48 hours may be in sold status buy fail to be confirmed for the flight.


We are working to solve this issue and resume the sale of this product through agencies, which will be informed in due time through this same channel.


Please remember that all requests -change or refund- of ancillaries purchased through direct channels (e.g. must be processed via LATAM.



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