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eLATAM US | Meet the new LATAM direct connection


    Meetour eLATAM platform, developed for the issuance and management of LATAM products.

    This is an additional option for your agency. With this direct connection to LATAM you will have Access to all our services. It allows you to provide a complete attention to your customers in a quickly and easier way.

    eLATAM is an efficient and direct way to show our content, with  an end-to-end support, improved content  of products, and the opportunity to increase your income.

    Advantages and e-LATAM services

     Functional End-to-end support without any cost. There are 3 different ways to contact us:

    • LATAM TRADE: here you can find manuals and  help tutorials
    • Phone: Contact your sales support Team in option 1 or 2.e
    • Mail:



    • Inventory and fare availability in real time.


    • Antifraud system without any cost.
    • Multi-factor authentication

    Additional income

    • Upsell by branded and family fares.

    Improved content of LATAM products

    • Additional services and products all in the same booking.
    • Recognizes membership category and benefits ( LATAM Pass).



    Fill this  google form  with all the needed information to start the process. Once this is done, we will contact you in order to show you e-LATAM. If you have any questions send us an email to and we will reply as soon as possible!